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Our Dog Culper

Culper is one of our German Shepherds. He is loyal, goofy, a bull in a china shop, my youngest daughter's best friend and he recently had to have his back right leg amputated.

This is part of his story. The leg part.

In 2019 all 3 of our GSDs got ran over by a car. Yes, all 3, at the same time, with the same car. We just moved across country to a new home. A beautiful little farm with no fences. Our dogs weren't use to all of this land to roam around on, so when the back door was open they decided to bolt and run straight for the small highway that borders our property.

That day was horrific. It was morning, I was all alone in a new town with my three daughters who were sleeping in. I was getting coffee to sit on my back porch with the dogs playing... but instead of them playing in the backyard they ran around the house. I started calling for them to come back and slowly walked around the house. Then I heard a crash, saw two of my dogs run toward the house.. the third still trying to run back but almost bleeding out on the gravel road.

After a move you don't have a whole lot of money saved up for emergencies. At the time we didn't... My sister put up a 'go fund me' page for our pups to get the surgeries they needed and SO many of my friends and followers on Instagram donated to save our dogs lives. I will forever be grateful to them!

Fast forward to today. They are alive and officially farm dogs. Two of them are fully recovered, and now there is Culper, the youngest, who took the most damage. We exhausted every option for him to keep his leg these past few years, but he just wasn't getting any better. In fact he had developed a bone disease and needed it to be amputated. Friday he became a 3 legged dog...and now he's home. I might make this a personal journal entry and jot down his process. You don't have to follow along but you can if you like!

Here we go...

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