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Introduction to something..

I am not a big writer. When I write it's usually lists of things I have to draw for work. So this is probably not the best idea, however, I do like the fact of better connecting with you. For this reason, I will give it a shot!

These "blog" posts are going to be more like journal entries. Even now I'm kind of shaking my head at this. Part of me thinks no one will want to read any of this, maybe that's best? That's it... STOP. Don't read anymore! You don't want to get involved, there are better things to do with your day then to read about what happened in mine.

But...I do think the only way to find out if something is worth doing is to try. So, I press on.. or rather "write on". If you choose to stick around and see what I have to say, thank you! Please know that I am not a professional writer. There are going to be grammar mistakes of all kinds but know that anything I write will come from the heart. I'm hoping my daily notes will be insightful and entertaining to anyone who reads along!

Why do I want to to do this? This is sort of a personal project. I want to keep track of what happens in my day, write about shit, and share it with all of you? I'm hoping that we just have fun and learn stuff together along the way. If something ever comes of this in the future, like a book, movie, or simply relating better to any of you I'll be thrilled!

Shall we begin?

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